A Radio Show All About Me

I’ve been on the radio before, but this one is different.

Very kindly, I was invited to SWR2 Tandem, a one-on-one interview format on the culture channel of the public service broadcaster for the southwest of Germany, to talk about my passion for train travel and my newsletter Zugpost. One hour just about me, my journeys and my writing. Wow.

I was pretty nervous, I can tell you, and the fact that I had a nasty migraine attack the days before we recorded the interview didn’t help either. But it went really well and was great fun. Many thanks to Frauke Oppenberg, the host, and especially to the editor Martina Kögl, who made it possible and gave me a reassuring feeling right from the start.

But what’s even better: I got to choose the music! As an absolute music and radio freak, this is literally a dream come true. Here is the list of tracks I’ve picked, all of which have a more or less obvious connection to railways:

If you understand German and don’t mind listening to my voice (I do!), you can find a podcast of the conversation here. For copyright reasons, the music will be missing, so for the full experience, make sure to click on the YouTube links above.


(Nacht-)Zugreisen in Europa – Eisenbahnkenner Sebastian Wilken findet Glück auf Schienen, SWR2 Tandem, aired on July 6, 2023.