My Train Travels Featured in Perspective Daily

Perspective Daily is a web magazine from Münster, Germany, following the principle of constructive journalism. With their well researched and beautifully presented longreads, only one of which is published per weekday, they set a pleasant counterpoint to the constant noise of other news outlets.

Today’s piece is about the challenges of cross border rail and I have the honor to be its protagonist.

It all started with an email a few months ago, in which author Désiree Schneider told me about her article idea. What followed were two exceptionally long and intensive conversations, in the course of which I reported about my six-week Interrail trip through Northern Europe in the middle of winter. This journey would become the red thread of the article.

Shortly after our first conversation, Russia attacked Ukraine. As someone who’s visited Ukraine twice and fallen in love with the country and its great people, it was out of this world to have a light chat about fun travel for some time. Désiree was very understanding and so we put everything on hold.

After a few weeks we carefully picked up the thread again and Désiree finalized the piece. Ælfleda Clackson created the beautiful cover illustration you see above, and I contributed some of my photographs from the trip.

It was an amazing experience to be involved in the project. Not only did the article turn out great, but rarely before has a journalist I worked with shown such a genuine interest in the subject and my thoughts on it.

I also wrote about my experience on Twitter.


Désiree Schneider: Mit dem Zug durch Europa – was geht und wo die Bahn entgleist. Published in Perspective Daily on May 28, 2022.