Night Train Feature in Globetrotter Magazin

I wrote a feature on night trains for Globetrotter Magazin, the customer magazine of Germany’s largest outdoor retailer. Globetrotter is also known in the Nordics, going under the name Naturkompaniet in Sweden and Partioaitta in Finland.

The magazine is published quarterly and reaches about 350,000 people. A couple of years ago, I had already contributed a small piece on the night train, but this time it was my pleasure to fill two whole double pages for the spring issue.

Besides bits and pieces covering all kinds of aspects of night train travel, the article features a map with night train lines. It’s based on the great all-European map recently created by Juri Maier for the Back-on-Track network. If you’re into night trains and don’t know the original yet, you should definitely check it out. With Back-on-Track’s permission I tweaked it a bit focusing on the German speaking countries.

Globetrotter Magazin is freely available on the web.


Sebastian Wilken: “Zügig durch die Nacht”. In Globetrotter Magazin #29, spring 2023.